VMworld® Sneak Peek – Tegile Bets on Blue!

VMworld® Sneak Peek – Tegile Bets on Blue!

VMworld is around the corner and we’re getting ready for one of our favorite events of the year! It’s all about innovation, networking, and hands-on learning experiences with the world’s top IT experts.

At last year’s VMworld, our partners at Tegile unveiled the IntelliFlash™ HD flash platform, combining Tegile’s IntelliFlash operating platform with the high-density flash of our InfiniFlash™. Since then, IntelliFlash HD was named one of CRN’s 10 Coolest Flash Storage and SSD Products of 2016, and has seen great traction helping enterprises take advantage of unprecedented performance and economics for all-flash infrastructure.

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From a Free Audi to the Hairdryer

Ahead of this year’s event, I sat down with Rob Commins, Vice President of Corporate Marketing at Tegile, to hear more about the successes of IntelliFlash HD but also to hear if Tegile will be raffling off an Audi again in their VMworld booth (spoiler alert! This year the stakes are even higher with an Audi R8 convertible up for grabs and a serious rock n’ roll theme).

You can watch our Between Two Servers chat below, but first, here are few cool facts Rob shared with me about IntelliFlash HD that highlight why you should be excited about this technology:

  • IntelliFlash HD has enough performance and capacity to consolidate over 20(!) midrange legacy arrays
  • IntelliFlash HD has a half a petabyte of RAW capacity, yet runs on less power than a hairdryer
  • IntelliFlash HD delivers high density flash array that supports both block AND file applications

So, if you want to know more about how to balance capacity and performance, why organizations are moving more workloads to flash, and how Tegile is upping the ante with a denser IntelliFlash HD/CP platform for private clouds – watch the video below. Rob will also share his mom’s best career advice.

Make sure to visit SanDisk® in booth #1955 and Tegile in booth #2057 at VMworld – I look forward to seeing you there!

Get ahead by streaming our recent webinar, Bringing Flash into the Datacenter for Bandwidth-Intensive Applicationshere


Dave Montgomery: Dave is Director of Storage Platform Marketing with 20+ years of experience in the enterprise storage, computing, and software business.

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