Western Digital Expands the Possibilities of Data at Flash Memory Summit

Western Digital Expands the Possibilities of Data at Flash Memory Summit

Flash Memory Summit (FMS) is here again, and we are excited to present our flash platforms and solutions as part of the Western Digital family for the very first time. As a Western Digital brand, together with HGST, we offer the largest portfolio of flash memory and hard disk-based solutions for the data center. FMS will be a great opportunity to see the impact our data center solutions are making across industries and use cases, and the new possibilities they enable.

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Innovation for Big Data, Cloud, and Virtualization

Data is the most valuable asset of companies and critical to the success of any business today. But when it comes to data, organizations are facing a myriad of challenges. They contend with the explosion in data generation and the tremendous pressure to meet the demands of Big Data, Cloud, and IoT workloads in order to deliver their customers with instantaneous access to data.

Flash technology has changed the data center. You can see its ripple effects every day as organizations solve challenges quicker, deliver better experiences to their customers, take advantage of new possibilities, and help IT managers enjoy simplified management, and better TCO to improve the bottom line. Bringing together innovation, flash expertise, and fab economics, we are able to offer next-generation storage platforms with instant access to petabytes of data, and to deliver IT teams with unprecedented flexibility at breakthrough economics. Want to know how? Come see our demos in booth #207:

Join Us in Booth #207 – Flash Experts and Solution Demos

Boundless Storage – The InfiniFlash™ System

The biggest benefit is that it actually works—that it actually delivers what it promised it would deliver…Since we resolved the performance issue, I have only spent about 2 hours administering that solution, which makes a lot of hours to do other stuff” – Andreas Bergman, Internet Engineer, GleSYS Internet Services AB

The award-winning InfiniFlash System kicked off an entire new industry category of ‘Big Data Flash,’ bringing flash to where it was previously not economically viable. Whether for Big Data analytics, active archive for media streaming, or scientific research, we are helping organizations transform into cloud-enabled digital businesses.

The InfiniFlash System takes advantage of a new flash form factor that packs 512 terabytes of flash in just a 3U enclosure, delivering up to 2 million IOPS. It’s not just the fab economics that make InfiniFlash System available at unprecedented economics, it’s also the reliability of flash media, its low power draw, and the efficiencies of disaggregation that make this solution incredibly compelling. Our partnership with the industry’s top compute, networking, software, and services vendors (including, Red Hat, Tegile, and Nexenta to name a few) give users incredible flexibility so they can take advantage of the software-defined data center using best-in-class, integrated components.

The Flash Virtualization® System – The Easiest Way to Integrate Flash

Everyone knows flash is fast. But what’s often missing in that discussion is that faster translates directly to more productivity for servers, which enables hardware consolidation, a smaller footprint, lower operational costs, reduction of software licenses, and simplicity of management. This means getting more from your existing infrastructure and making your previous investments and current infrastructure viable for new demands and changing workloads.

Our new Flash Virtualization System extends the benefits of FlashSoft® Software for VMware® vSphere® to an infrastructure system model that brings flash acceleration to existing SAN environments. By installing it as a separate flash server in the network, the Flash Virtualization System can be assigned to different host servers to deliver flash performance to multiple virtualized applications, including business critical applications, without needing to rip out infrastructure or make changes to your applications. It’s non-disruptive and easy to evaluate, validate, and deploy so you can start taking advantage of flash today!

HGST Ultrastar®

HGST will be displaying the Ultrastar® SN100 Series, an NVM Express™ compliant family of PCIe solid-state drives. Delivering memory-class performance with storage-class capacity and persistence, the Ultrastar SN100 Series is offered as a low profile HH-HL extension card as well as a highly serviceable and hot swappable SFF 2.5-inch drive, both with capacities up to 3.2TB. The devices connect using PCIe 3.0 x4 slots and support various operating systems through open-source NVMe drivers. HGST also offers capacity-optimized versions of the Ultrastar SN100 Series, up to 3.82TB, for applications that require additional user capacity.

Stop by to learn how to gain performance acceleration for today’s most demanding cloud, hyperscale, and enterprise applications with Ultrastar, or learn more by viewing the Max Capacity data sheet.

Don’t Miss This!

Looking ahead, one of the next challenges for storage companies will be developing Storage Class Memory (SCM) – nonvolatile memory with access rates and other characteristics more like DRAM than flash. One key to the success of this technology is 3D NAND and we’ll have a 3D model of 64 layer BiCS Memory Cell in the booth.

You can also get hands-on with a virtual reality experience featuring games such as Google Tilt Brush, Space Pirate Trainer, Audioshield, and the Apollo 11 Space Mission to see how the speed, reliability, and affordability of SanDisk® flash enables new possibilities for immersive entertainment.

Speaking Sessions

Hear firsthand from our experts on a range of topics about the future of flash memory:

Storage Class Memory Scaling: Lessons from 3D NAND
Siva Sivaram, Executive Vice President Memory Technology
Tuesday, August 9th at 1:30 PM in the Mission Ballroom

Employing ECCs via Overprovisioning to Improve Flash Reliability:  A New, Cost Efficient Approach
Stella Achtenberg, Staff Research Engineer
Tuesday August 9th at 3:20-4:25 pm in Forum B-12

The Changing World of Applications and What it Means to Flash 
Nithya Ruff, Director of Open Source Strategy
Wednesday, August 10th at 8:30 -9:35 am in Forum K-21

Ceph – High Performance without High Costs
Allen Samuels, Engineering Fellow
Wednesday, August 10th at 8:30 -9:35 am in Forum K-21

Optimizing SSD Architecture for Client Workloads
Elad Baram, Senior Director, Product Marketing Management
Wednesday August 10th at 3:50 – 4:55 PM in C-22

SSD Concepts
Xinde Hu, Principal Design Engineer
Wednesday August 10th at 3:50 – 4:55 pm in Forum C-22

Panel: Is It Time for the All-Flash Data Center?
Adam Roberts, Director Architecture Solutions
Thursday August 11th at 8:30 -9:35 am in 301-H

Is the World Ready for Big Data Flash
Gary Lyng, Senior Director Marketing Management
Thursday August 11th at 2:30 – 3:45 pm in Session 303-B

Panel: Closing Panel on Top Ten Things You Need to Know about Flash Memory Today
Adam Roberts, Director Architecture Solutions
Thursday August 11th at 4:40 – 6:00 PM in 304-B

See You There!

Flash Memory Summit is a unique opportunity to hear directly from the people who create the next generation of flash hardware and software solutions. Make sure to stop by our booth and speaking sessions and talk with our experts about where flash can make an impact for you. We look forward to seeing you at the show!

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