Why do VMware users love IntelliFlash?

It’s really about three main things that IntelliFlash solves:  simplicity, performance, and economics.

  1. Simplicity – First and foremost is simplicity. We are one of the only vendors that provide both file and block access to our flash systems. This enables customers the flexibility to access storage how they need to, and allows for better integration into existing applications and infrastructure. Another way we help users simplify their infrastructure is that our portfolio of IntelliFlash products leverage the same OS. Whether you use hybrid flash or all-NVMe™, you have the same great experience managing multiple tiers.
  2. Performance – performance gets a huge boost when you use flash as backend storage. You can eliminate noisy neighbors and contention between VMs, delivering a far improved user experience for both end-users and administrators. With IntelliFlash, administrators do not need to be storage experts or manage server technology to get better results.  They can leverage the easy to use UX to manage their infrastructure in a more optimal way.
  3. Economics – the third reason, which is on everybody’s mind, are economics. I don’t only mean a competitive priced solution (although it definitely is). I also mean the ability to consolidate multiple workloads. For example, our IntelliFlash HD is a dense flash array with 5 petabytes effective storage. With simultaneous block and file access, customers can put a wide array of workloads onto a single storage platform. The operational and management benefits are dramatic.Forrester Consulting conducted a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study and examined the potential return on investment (ROI) enterprises may realize by deploying IntelliFlash Enterprise Flash Storage. You may find this helpful in understanding the quantified benefits in investing in IntelliFlash and the year-over-year savings. You can download the study here.

How can IT deliver greater value for businesses?

Data is growing at an incredible pace. It is also getting faster and more diverse as companies look for near real-time insights and leverage new data sources, devices and digital tools. Organizations can’t only focus on how to manage new data. They have to think how to see more value from it for their business.

As companies evaluate their IT infrastructure, they need to think holistically how to take advantage of new and historic data to drive more avenues of business. What if you could see more patients and accelerate patient care by bringing up medical records in seconds? What if regional banking could see more customers without having them stand in line? What if you could have all archived data online? Your infrastructure needs to enable new opportunities.

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