Whether its healthcare, pharmaceuticals or research, life sciences are undergoing tremendous changes in how they store, access, analyze, and share data. We’re excited to be at Bio-IT World 2018 to share how we’re helping organizations take advantage of the promises of data at every step of its lifecycle.

Research Data Lives Forever

Research data challenges are plentiful. First and foremost it’s the exponential growth in the volume of data coming in from sensors and higher resolution imaging devices. Yet it’s not only that big data is getting bigger, it’s also getting faster. The velocity of data, and how quickly the data is coming in, has also accelerated dramatically forcing infrastructures to scale bigger and faster than ever before.

For genomics and precision health research to be successful, researchers require access to larger and more diverse data pools. The ability to collaborate across both internally and across institutions and global locations is key to discovery. However, it brings forth very complex data management challenges of data curatorship, security and permission, hybrid and multi-cloud architectures, and long-term preservation.

Join us in booth #501 to learn about how the ActiveScale™ object storage system is simplifying research and Machine Learning pipeline analysis by providing a highly scalable platform (over fifty petabytes under a single namespace) with extreme data durability, cloud-ready Amazon S3™-compliant connectivity, and metadata tagging for data curating and extensibility.

In addition, I will be talking about the data challenges in both Genomics and BioImaging during Wednesday’s luncheon:

Addressing the Big Data Challenges in Genomics and BioImaging WEDNESDAY, MAY 16 at 12:40 

In my talk I will share best practices for cloud scale storage solutions to address data growth, collaboration, security, and hybrid cloud processing requirements, with example architectures from real customers in Genomics and BioImaging research.

Make Your Data Come Alive

Quantifying the effects of drug compounds, process satellite images, analyze data from wearable health devices or extract insights in Machine Learning pipelines requires Fast Data architectures.  NVMe™ technology is opening new possibilities for near-real time applications. Bio-IT World will be a great opportunity to see how Western Digital NVMe devices, platforms and storage systems are helping organizations unleash data.

You will also be able to learn how Tegile™ Intelligent Flash storage arrays have helped groups like the Oklahoma Heart Hospital and Renal Ventures Management take on new paperless workloads and scale powerful database systems.

Creating Environments for Data to Thrive

Western Digital’s innovation up and down the stack is unmatched. We are able to manufacture almost all of the components throughout the entire storage technology stack so customers can deploy better infrastructure to support new workloads and data challenges at lower costs. Join us at Bio-IT World in booth #501 and see how we’re creating environments where data can thrive.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Get a deeper dive into how to simplify and accelerate your research storage infrastructure in our latest webinar:


Linda is Director of Machine Learning and Analytics Solutions at Western Digital and holds a B.S. in Computer Science.