ActiveScale continues to advance with the introduction of ActiveScale OS (“AOS”) 5.4, the latest enhancements to Western Digital’s cloud object storage system. Here are some of the exciting new capabilities and services:

More Performance, Less Administrative Workload

We’re introducing a new performance capability that particularly benefits active archives, repositories and data lakes/data hubs and other use cases which frequently operate on larger files by allowing more connectivity and CPU power to access their pool of data.  This capability can improve customer productivity and enhances the scale and economics customers have come to expect from ActiveScale.

“It Just Works”

In addition, we’re announcing new vertical innovations that can reduce the customer’s administrative workload by further testing misbehaving drives to decide if they should be returned to service or removed.  It is expected this feature can reduce the number of returned drives by up to 50%. In addition, AOS 5.4 adds a number of other usability enhancements that will further reinforce ActiveScale’s reputation described by one customer as “it just works”.

Seamless Migration with Western Digital Professional Services

To make life a little easier, our new Professional Service offering, ActiveScale Data Migration, helps customers who need to move data from their existing storage to ActiveScale. In general, migration can be a slow and complex process, which often impacts their daily operations.  By engaging the experts with Western Digital Professional Services, customer data can be moved quickly and seamlessly from a competitive system or even Amazon AWS™ to ActiveScale, minimizing the impact on operations and reducing the time to get maximum value of your investment.

Gain Knowledge from Like-Minded Customers

Additionally, an ActiveScale User Group is now available, an online portal where like-minded customers can gain access to customer level collateral and manuals, compare notes with other users, and share best practices.

Let Data Thrive

These announcements continue to strengthen the ActiveScale solution and enhance the value of Western Digital’s data infrastructure. Being at the nexus of technology and data fuels our passion for innovation. Innovation that helps realize the potential of AI, precision medicine, IoT, autonomous cars, climate science and beyond. Our new, refreshed website at is a great way to experience our broad portfolio of products and the impact we are making on the world.

Learn more about ActiveScale and AOS 5.4 here.

If you’re headed to SuperComputing, make sure to join us in booth #3901 and see how to easily scale Machine Learning and Data Lakes with ActiveScale.

Erik is the Senior Director, Product Marketing of Western Digital's Data Center Systems, with 25+ years of experience in high tech storage.