Flash Storage: Transforming the Connected IoT Market

Flash Storage: Transforming the Connected IoT Market

“We are the Internet of Things”…what a fitting theme for the Embedded World Conference 2016 in Nürnberg, Germany, as the ever increasing number of embedded devices year after year continues to create a worldwide network of smart connected systems—growing to 50 billion devices by 2020 according to some reports.

The IoT will massively increase the amount of data being generated, stored, and made available for all sorts of analysis. For example, a self-driving car will generate 1GB of data per second, and a smart factory could generate 1 petabyte (1PB=1 million GB) of data per day. All told, these connected devices living at the “edge” of the cloud will generate over 500 zetabyte (that’s 500 trillion GB) of data by 2019. Now that’s Big Data!

Connected Cars

Take cars for example. Automotive connectivity is growing, with more and more connected vehicles expected to be on the road over the next few years that will require storage. According to Gartner Research, by 2020:

  • The connected cars installed base will be more than nine times larger than that of 2015
  • 80% of all new vehicle models in mature markets will have data connectivity: 30% of connected-vehicle models will have built-in, function-level, over-the-air software update capabilities
  • Well over one billion connected automotive subsystems will be shipped

The number of devices relying on flash is growing by the day.

Flash storage is at the core of these embedded systems, or edge devices, enabling many of the latest features and capabilities, from storing the latest operating systems and apps, to capturing and analyzing data in real-time, to caching data before sending to the cloud (“caching the cloud”). SanDisk has been at the forefront of the storage market and we have seen flash storage transform many industries, from imaging to mobile devices to data centers. And flash is poised to do so again for the connected IoT market.

Our Storage Solutions for Industrial Applications

SanDisk is building focused products for these connected applications, and recently expanded our portfolio of robust, intelligent solutions designed to address automotive and industrial IoT applications. The latest generation of Automotive and Industrial card solutions include a suite of built-in smart features that enhance reliability and allow OEMs to better manage their storage in data-intensive environments.

Being vertically integrated (designing and manufacturing our own memory, developing the controller and FW, and assembling the final products at our manufacturing facilities), SanDisk is uniquely positioned to architect solutions that provide our customers the reliability and endurance they demand for these data intensive applications across many segments, including:

  • automotive applications
  • industrial applications
  • surveillance
  • home automation and entertainment designs

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