Western Digital Talks RISC-V and the Freedom to Innovate

Western Digital Talks RISC-V and the Freedom to Innovate

What is RISC-V? Why should it matter to you? And why is Western Digital going all in with this instruction set architecture (ISA)? Our own Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Martin Fink, joined by Dave Tang, Senior Vice President, Corporate Marketing, sits down with theCUBE host Jeff Frick to discuss all of this and more!

Martin answers a variety of questions about Western Digital’s support of the RISC-V open source ISA, announced by Martin in November 2017 at the 7th RISC-V Workshop. Martin explains that today’s data technology world is dominated by two ISAs and how RISC-V changes the game, offering the freedom to innovate and the ability to optimize the instruction set for Western Digital’s devices, storage, drives, and more. Martin also discusses the company’s commitment to migrate its devices over time to the RISC-V architecture.

Dave discusses Western Digital’s theme of Data Makes Possible and how data is critical to media & entertainment, sports, healthcare, autonomous vehicles, and much more.

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Watch the full interview in the video above and then dive deeper into accelerating next-generation computing architectures with RISC-V on our website.


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