SanDisk® at Microsoft WPC – Help Your Customers Embrace the Data-Driven Economy

SanDisk® at Microsoft WPC – Help Your Customers Embrace the Data-Driven Economy

Millions, maybe billions, of Microsoft channel partners will trek to Toronto to attend the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference on July 10-14. Ok, not that many, but thousands of you will be there and so will we. We’ll be showcasing how flash-powered SQL Server® solutions deliver incredible value to customers’ business outcomes through breakthrough economics, consolidation, and new performance capabilities. So make sure to come meet us! Here are a few compelling reasons why.

A Screaming Opportunity

In a previous post to channel partners, I shared Satya Nadella’s statement: “Data is the new electricity.” He’s right, it really is. Data will power a business transformation unlike anything we’ve seen thus far, and SQL Server 2016 will play a significant role in this change. It’s not just an impressive new database – it’s a re-imagined, expanded, innovative data platform that unlocks and transforms data into intelligence, insights, and action.

The data-driven economy is screaming opportunity! Opportunity for businesses to accelerate growth; opportunity for customers to engage as they never have before; and opportunity for Channel Partners to be catalysts of this monumental shift in the way people, organizations, and things interact. The opportunities for those of us in the channel are immense. However, the question is: are you aware of the opportunity and do you know how to leverage it?

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At Microsoft WPC, we’ll help you understand this better and show you how to make this advantageous to you and to your customers.

Visit SanDisk in Booth 1336

Last year, over 1,800 channel partners came to learn about the flash opportunity by attending a SanDisk theater presentation. The turnout was awesome, and I expect this year to be no different.

Every 30 minutes we, or one of our partners, will present information that will help you transform your customers’ data platform, enabling them to transform their business. Theater topics will focus on how you can expand your current Microsoft deployments and engagements and add massive value to your customers’ business outcomes.

What You Will Learn

A sampling of the theater topics include:

  • Enabling mission-critical OLTP
  • Achieving breakthrough High Availability
  • Server caching scenarios to lower cost and maximize compute
  • Accelerated Data Warehouse and BI
  • Customer case studies of Microsoft platforms powered by SanDisk flash
  • Increase Hyper-V workload density to maximize value of SQL Server licenses

Meet with SanDisk Flash Experts

Talk with our experts about your customers’ needs and how they can benefit from flash-optimizing their SQL Server infrastructure. Whether they’re looking to migrate from SQL Server 2005/2008 or are seeking a cost-effective way to support more users, more data, and more applications and workloads without breaking the bank, we have a wide set of solutions that they can consider for their environment.

Three of the broadest adopted flash-optimized SQL Server solutions include:

  1. Simple & Scalable OLTP:

Many of our customers are enjoying more efficient IT and lower costs by taking advantage of in-server flash to host their entire datasets – some getting more than 50TB in a single server. Having data located near the server processor with microsecond access latencies provides powerful database and application performance acceleration. Having more transactions, much faster, boosts service levels and productivity and can be transformative for your customer’s business.

  1. Accelerated Data Warehouse:

With just a single server enabled with terabytes of SanDisk flash, organizations are running BI and analytics faster and more cost-effectively. SanDisk, collaborating with our partners, recently announced a series of new Microsoft certified SQL Server Fast Track Reference Architecture (FTRA) Data Warehouse solutions. No matter the data warehouse size, adding flash will dramatically increase throughput and scan rate performance – enabling faster time to insight and decisions.

  1. Consolidate and Virtualize Workloads:

Increasingly, customers are virtualizing their flash-enabled infrastructure as a way to consolidate and run their workloads – including very large OLTP databases – in a flexible mix of VMs and in a reduced number of servers. With increased scale and higher VM performance density, SanDisk flash is critical to enabling much more work accomplished per server – providing higher technical and financial efficiencies while also reducing license, admin, and energy costs. Here’s a great example of just how significant these savings can be.

And Great Prizes, Too

Our booth and theater are designed to maximize your learning experience. And we’re also making it fun. Attending a theater session enrolls you into our daily drawing for a Microsoft Surface Pro 4,and every time you attend a session you get another ticket for the daily drawing.

We also partner with Cisco, Dell, HPE, and Lenovo to drive breakthrough enterprise flash solutions. To help you learn more about these industry-leading solutions and increase your awareness of the customer opportunities, we’re running a Passport Program with our Server OEMs. Participation earns you another ticket for the daily drawing. Come see us about it.

The Microsoft, SanDisk, and Partner Opportunity

For your customers, it’s all about data. And fast data at that. The launch of Microsoft SQL Server 2016 provides an opportunity to transform your customers’ data platform by offering breakthrough mission-critical capabilities, in-memory performance, and built-in real-time operational analytics. Implementing SQL Server with SanDisk flash massively accelerates speed to insight in a cost-effective, scalable way.

Certainly, the SQL Server 2016 platform is a key component in enabling a new, data-driven business experience. The question is this: are your customers ready to capitalize on this opportunity, and is their infrastructure ready to handle it? Most likely not. But you can be the catalyst with a vision of how to get there.

Make sure you come see us. We’ll help you become that catalyst to help your customers maximize the value of their data platform.

See you at Microsoft WPC!

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