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potholes avoided thanks to machine learning
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Automotive at the Edge: Machine Learning to Avoid Potholes

There’s a new way to look out for fractures and potholes in the road. And, it doesn’t need eyes to see them. But, it does need a camera mounted on its dashboard. It’s the crux of a system that uses computer vision and machine learning to read the surface of a road.
sensors in autonomous vehicles
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Automotive at the Edge: Machine Learning to Help Self-Driving Vehicles See Better

In the real-world, road conditions are rarely ideal and usually messy. For drivers, quick decisions are just a way of life on the road. If the goal is to have autonomous vehicles think like human drivers, then the vehicles need to see and react to everything in their path. As Dave Tokic, VP Marketing & Strategic Partnerships at Algolux, says, we need autonomous cars to have autonomous vision.
AI Reality Check
Fast Data

The Intelligence of Things – A View from the Edge

Artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are converging to create "The Intelligence of Things". Western Digital’s Chris Bergey, VP, Embedded Solutions, sees AI in action at the edge today. Read on for a reality check of where AI and IoT are today and the critical role data will play to reach this intersection of AI and IoT.