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Western Digital CTO Martin Fink discussing RISC-V strategy
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Accelerating the RISC-V Ecosystem

Learn about accelerating the RISC-V ecosystem: 1. The current state of the ecosystem; 2. What it needs and the work that must be done. For those who want to be part of defining, inventing and creating where the world's going to be and how the next generation of applications are going to be optimized, this is the time to be involved.
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How Open Innovation Can Free the Data Path

A general purpose processor is fine for most servers and mobile phones, but isn’t optimized for the specific requirements created by the rise of Big Data and Fast Data applications. A big data application such as analytics has a very different processing profile that can handle large amounts of data versus a Fast Data application such as autonomous car controls, which requires time-critical processing for smaller amounts of data.
Western Digital CTO Martin Fink
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Top Five from RISC-V

The open source movement has demonstrated that innovation can be maximized with a large community working toward a common goal. Open source innovation often happens at a much faster pace, and can be far more focused on customer needs than when a proprietary model is used. RISC-V can democratize compute architecture and enable the creation of custom silicon without requiring an overwhelming investment or a high-volume guarantee.
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Leader Insights

Big Data & Fast Data & RISC-V, Western Digital CTO Reveals the Connections

Martin Fink, Western Digital’s Chief Technology Officer, delivered the opening keynote at the recent Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Silicon Summit in San Jose, CA. Martin described the exponential growth we’re seeing in both the volume and value of data, Big Data and Fast Data applications and use cases, and then discussed RISC-V, the purpose-built instruction set architecture.
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