Where Is Storage Going in 2016? Talk to the Experts

Where Is Storage Going in 2016? Talk to the Experts

There’s no question anymore that flash technology will transform computing.

The big question now is how. Will NVMe take off or will enterprises take more of a wait, see and test approach? Will flash continue to be deployed primarily for specific applications or storage tiers or will it begin to be used for archival storage and other tasks. How will the growing ecosystem of software options change how storage gets bought?

Plan Ahead: Storage in 2016

2016 in many ways marks the dawn of the next phase of the flash revolution where the conversation switches from TCO and TCA to tips and tricks for getting the most out of flash.

Planning your data center infrastructure for 2016 requires many considerations. It’s not only the exponential growth of data and capacity, or the increasing demands of SLAs as budgets stay flat, there’s also a growing need to simplify management, increase flexibility and agility and deliver better insights. So where to start?

We asked our CIO, CTO and other in-house experts to share their tips and insight for what’s ahead in 2016.

Here’s our view on storage in 2016:

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