Best of 2018 – Our Top Technology Trends

Best of 2018 – Our Top Technology Trends

What a year it has been! 2018 brought incredible innovation and advancements in data technology and infrastructure. As we wrap up the year, we looked back at our top stories, most read blogs and most engaged videos and created a summary of the technology trends that mattered most to our readers. We’ve selected key content for each topic that can help you get up to speed, and ahead of the game in 2019.

Here’s our best of 2018 and what you need to know about this year’s top technology trends:

Machine Learning and AI – Bias, Hype and Democratization

AI is probably one of the most talked about and disputed topics. One reason may be the idea of greater-than-human type of magic we associate with ‘Artificial Intelligence.’ That same reason is also a source for great fear, and for others, a great disappointment (as most AI use cases are in fact very limited). Nonetheless, AI is so hot right now because for the first time in history we are seeing machine learning and AI implementations work, across a plethora of use cases with real business and life-changing results. Here are some perspectives:

Autonomous Vehicles – Data Driving the Future

Will autonomous vehicles become a reality next year, or in the next decade? It depends who you ask. One thing is for sure, data is at the heart of the revolution of autotech and the way we travel. So what does it take for automotive data and smart edge devices to deliver future applications such as self-driving cars?

Blockchain – A New Solution for Old Problems

Blockchain is the underlying technology that rose from, and above, the initial wave of cryptocurrency. It’s a new solution to old problems, with a potential to revolutionize just about every industry. So what kind of practical applications are on the rise and how will Blockchain affect our lives and businesses?

Edge Computing – Welcome, Fast Data

Powerful endpoint devices and advances such as IoT, AI, and 5G are driving the need for fast data at the edge. We’re seeing how edge computing is redefining data workflows and demands. So what do these new architectures look like today and where will they be tomorrow?

Precision Medicine – From DNA to Big Data

It’s the first time in history that we have access to this quantity and diversity of healthcare, research and medical data. The opportunity to mine data for meaningful insights is nowhere as impactful as in the world of medicine – from predicting diseases to devising treatments tailored for an individual. Here are some of the recent advancements in this space:

New Approaches to Data Infrastucture

To make all these data possibilities happen the industry will need data infrastructure that can support new technologies. We need to find solutions that will allow us to go beyond current physical limitations, and that can be optimized and specialized for the unique demands of data like never before. But what does that mean, and what does it look like?

2019 and the New Year’s Technology Trends

We are incredibly excited about 2019 and the journey of data. We look forward to sharing more insights on the potential of data technologies and the infrastructure that makes it all possible. We hope these technology trends will help your business and life flourish. Happy New Year!

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